Laser Assisted Anal Genital Bleaching Price

Performed in the comfort of our boutique practice in Basel on an outpatient basis.

With laser supported anal bleaching, the results can have a subtle but very significant impact on your confidence in your body image - we are here to help.



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Additional Options: Hyaluronic acid for labia rejuvenation - Autologous Fat (own fat cells) Labia Rejuvenation

Please ask when booking your bleaching consultation if you would like to include these options.


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What are the advantages of genital anal bleaching?

Discoloration of the perianal region is a commonly reported issue for many women.

If you want to look good on absolutely every part of your body, Laser Supported Genital Bleaching is a treatment to lighten and restore the discoloured skin to something more similar to your natural skin tone.

Genital bleaching, sometimes referred to as anal bleaching or anal whitening results in:

  • A more even skin tone around and in the perianal region.
  • A more uniform colour in the labia and anus.
  • An increase in sexual confidence if this area is causing you a major concern.