About Laser Assisted Anal Genital Bleaching

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Learn more about anal or genital bleaching

When it comes to undergoing aesthetic treatment, the labia and bottom region is certainly not the first area of the body you think of.

However, the genital area can contribute to how you feel during intimate encounters.

Even though the anal area is often considered a taboo subject, it plays an important role in your sexual health, and we know that maintaining its function and appearance can be important to you.

Gentle bleaching of the labia and anus can help restore the appearance of your most intimate area and boost your confidence.

Dr. Anna M. Wagner is pleased to offer laser-supported genital & anal bleaching exclusively for her patients who want to treat this area of the body with a little more care.

What is genital bleaching?

Genital bleaching is a minor cosmetic procedure.

It is designed to change and improve the appearance of the skin around your labia and anus.
If the skin in this area is significantly darker than the rest of your skin.

For some women, this can cause crippling anxiety or make them feel very self-conscious. In turn this anxiety can seriously impact normal sexual confidence.

Genital bleaching can give your perianal region a fresh, healthy look so you look the way you want to and regain your confidence in intimate relationships.

Why is bleaching performed?

The pigmentation of the area around your anus naturally darkens as you age.

This is because the skin of your anus and genitals is exposed to constant friction during everyday activities like walking and moving. Additionally, this area is warmer and more moist than other areas of your body, which causes the a difference in appearance to the rest of your skin.
Coupled with the body's natural aging process, hormonal fluctuations, and pregnancy can also cause the area to darken over time.
Anal & Genital bleaching is offered as a short procedure treatment to improve the aesthetic appearance of the labia and anus.

What are the advantages of genital anal bleaching?


Discoloration of the perianal region is a commonly reported issue for many women.


If you want to look good on absolutely every part of your body, Laser Supported Genital Bleaching is a treatment to lighten and restore the discoloured skin to something more similar to your natural skin tone.

Genital bleaching, sometimes referred to as anal bleaching or anal whitening results in:

  • A more even skin tone around and in the perianal region.
  • A more uniform colour in the labia and anus.
  • An increase in sexual confidence if this area is causing you a major concern.